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Who i am

I'm a hands-on-keys, creative and zealous, Digital Marketing Strategist uniquely qualified and uncommonly talented possessing eight digital marketing certifications, six years of practical experience, one Duke University professional certificate in Digital Marketing and Media and a rare business acumen gleaned from years of leadership-role success in Business-to-Business Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

Analytics 95%
SEO 93%
CRO 93%
PPC 85%
Email Marketing 90%
Local Search 85%

1. Listen

All too often consulting turns into "I'm the expert, you should listen to me" back and forth. I prefer to listen and ask questions of you first, learn about your key challenges and competitive pressures before any recommendations are presented.

2. Research. Review.

I understand your business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) we'll deep-dive into your current digital footprint and competitive profile. From that tactics and strategies are developed and shared along the way. This collaboration ensures agreement on the ultimate success of the deliverable product.

3. Implement

Now that a strategy has been defined it's time to advance the project to implementation. I handle everything including last minute modifications based on any new information that is developed throughout the process.

4. Manage. Improve.

Once a campaign or upgrade is launched there needs to be a measurement and improvement component with inevitable changes and tweaks along the way. We will use our certifications in analytics and CRO to report and boost conversion rate on an ongoing basis.

" Ideas are a dime a dozen...
...execution is everything. "

Services i offer

  • SEO

    Consumers and businesses are turning to search engines as a critical part of the buying process. A majority of traffic to your site will come from search engines so being visible in organic search results is critical to reaching buyers.

  • Conversion Optimization

    Many business owners put this down to a simple traffic problem and start to create strategies to increase the number of visitors to your page. However, the real culprit is typically not your traffic, but your conversion rate.

  • Web Analytics

    When you do not understand how to read Google analytics and apply your findings to create a strategy for success, then you reduce the potential of your digital marketing campaign

  • Website Design

    Much has changed online in the past few years. If you don't have a contemporary website then you are losing traffic and, therefore, business.

  • Digital Advertising

    If you’ve been at PPC for a while, you may be wondering if your plans are floundering or if they are right on track. To focus your efforts and get real results, there are several questions to ask yourself.

  • Lead Generation

    Most sites have a goal and lead generation or improving shopping cart performance are two likely needs. I help businesses set up campaigns to drive ROI.

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  • " David was instrumental... In fact, some of the initiatives David led are still sustaining the company today. "

    Tim Kelly, Biolife
  • " David Smith was one of the most capable people we had at PSINet. "

    Bill Schrader, CEO, PSINet
  • " David's ability to take on modestly defined projects and differential cultures was almost unique in the organization. "

    Martin Lee Schoffstall, Founder, Spring Gate Vineyard

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